Fam­ily-friendly in­fra­struc­ture

  • KID'S READING CORNER/Library Building A
  • HOCHSTÜHLE/Mensa Building A, Cafeteria/Building B

Worth know­ing

Who is the parent-child office for?

The parent-child office is intended to help to compensate for care shortages (day-care strike, grandma / grandpa / partner / childminder etc. is cancelled, classes are cancelled...) and to compensate for minor illnesses of the children at HNU.

In the parent-child office, parents who are studying can also stay with their children, meet with fellow students for project group meetings etc.

Conflicts of compatibility (study / job OR family / care) should be resolved with the help of the Parent-Child Office.

How do I get access to the parent-child office?

Important: You must first be logged in with your HNU access data on an HNU computer or via VPN from home in order to access the HNU address book!

Then enter an appointment in your own Outlook calendar for the time you want to use the EKB.

The EKB will be invited as a "participant" on this date. The Outlook name of the office is "HNU Parent-Child Office (B.1.04)".

The invitation will be processed by the mail room in the main building (phone: +49 731/9762-2988). If the room is free, the users will receive a confirmation - if the room is not free, they will receive a refusal of the appointment. In urgent cases you can also ask by telephone whether the room is available.

If the room is free, the last step is to give the users access to the EKB:
- Employees receive this authorisation automatically on their transponder with the room confirmation
- Students must have their campus card activated in A.1.66 - this card can then be used to open the door of the EKB

The access authorization exists for the entire time window of the requested appointment.

What's at the parent-child office?

  • Desktop workstation with two screens (faculty printer on the floor)Wash basin/sink
  • Microwave
  • Dishes suitable for children (plates, cutlery, cups)
  • Nursing chair with nursing cushion
  • Changing table (with diapers, wet wipes, disposable pads)
  • Toys and painting materials
  • Mattress for resting (with fresh fitted sheets)

Where is the parent-child office?

Main building B, B.1.04


What is a Mobile Play Corner?

In the Mobile Play Corner you can spend time with your child. Discuss with others. Bridging time. Toys and furniture can also be taken to your own office or lecture hall. Condition: You bring the things back!


Where is the Mobile Play Corner?



How does the Children's Reading Corner work?

In the "Kid's Reading Corner" your children will find literature and media for different age groups. You can borrow these for your children. Your children can also spend time here, reading, waiting for you, browsing.


Where's the Kids' Reading Corner?

In the entrance area of the library / ground floor building A.