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This blog offers deeper insights into the everyday work of applied sciences at HNU: We highlight current science topics, research projects and publications, introduce professors and research assistants and show ways into science.  

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Latest post

09.06.2021, Faces: New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Mona Spiegel

Our series of introductions is entering its final round: Prof. Dr. Mona Spiegel is Professor of Physician Assistant at the Faculty of Health Care Management since this semester. In this interview, the…

Fur­ther art­icles

07.06.2021, Dia­logues: The whole world on a screen: vir­tual ex­change at the HNU

Necessity is the mother of invention: Because COVID-19  thwarted plans for international exchange last year,  the HNU came up with a model for digital study abroad. Studying at a distance from…

10.05.2021, Faces: New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Andy Wee­ger

The next in our round of interviews is Prof. Dr. Andy Weeger: He was newly appointed to HNU this summer semester, where he will strengthen the Faculty of Information Management in the future. He told…

30.04.2021, Faces: New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Jo­hannes Scho­bel

Three new professors have started their work at HNU this semester. We introduce all the new heads on campus individually. 
We start with Prof. Dr. Johannes Schobel, research professor in the field of…