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This blog offers deeper insights into the everyday work of applied sciences at HNU: We highlight current science topics, research projects and publications, introduce professors and research assistants and show ways into science.  

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Latest post

17.07.2020, Ways into sci­ence: Co­oper­at­ive Doc­tor­ate: "The best of both worlds"

Doctoral studies at a university of applied sciences? HNU graduate Anna Wiedemann shows how such a path can look like: After her degrees in business studies (diploma) and advanced management (M.Sc.),…

Fur­ther art­icles

22.05.2020, Faces: New at HNU: Ap­point­ments in the sum­mer semester 2020

For the newly appointed professors of HNU, the summer semester 2020 is memorable in a double sense: They have started their new jobs under special circumstances.
In the following interviews, some of…

14.05.2020, Dia­loges: Brows­ing Books, Writ­ing Sci­ence

Reading and writing are cultural techniques that have been subject to constant change not only since digitalization. Within HNU, we went on a little track search and asked our professors and research…

30.04.2020, Dia­loges: In­ter­change in times of crisis

What effects does the corona crisis have on the health care system – and vice versa? We spoke to Prof. Dr. Walter Swoboda, Research Professor at the Faculty of Health Management of HNU, about the…