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This blog offers deeper insights into the everyday work of applied sciences at HNU: We highlight current science topics, research projects and publications, introduce professors and research assistants and show ways into science.  

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Latest post

22.10.2021, Re­searched: Sus­tain­able per­spect­ives for a para­dise: IN­FIN­ITY im­proves food se­cur­ity in Maur­i­tius

How can innovative technologies ensure a better food supply in emerging countries – and how can the necessary know-how be transferred sustainably? This is the question addressed by the INFINITY…

Fur­ther art­icles

11.10.2021, Re­searched: Ly­ing for the sake of sci­ence: Pro­ject VACE ex­plores pat­terns in the hu­man voice

Lying until the beams bend - and in the service of science? This is the chance for test subjects willing to fib in the research project VACE (Voice Analysis for Customer Emotions), which the Center…

08.10.2021, Re­searched: Vir­tual Net­work­ing in In­form­a­tion Sys­tems: A Con­fer­ence Re­view by the Cen­ter for Re­search…

After one and a half years of the COVID19 pandemic, online conferences are now commonplace – and enable professional and personal exchange even in an international context. The Institute for Service…

01.10.2021, Re­searched: Mak­ing the city of to­mor­row the con­ver­sa­tion of today

The fact that our communication has been fundamentally changed by digitalization is nothing new. However, it is seldom realized that communication itself acts as a decisive driver of digital…