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This blog offers deeper insights into the everyday work of applied sciences at HNU: We highlight current science topics, research projects and publications, introduce professors and research assistants and show ways into science.  

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Latest post

13.06.2022, Faces: New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn

The Faculty of Health Management is pleased to have reinforcements in teaching and research: Since this semester, Prof. Dr. Peter Kuhn has been a professor in the field of informatics in health care.…

Fur­ther art­icles

09.06.2022, Faces:  New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Al­ex­an­der Bar­tel

HNU was pleased to welcome four new professors this summer semester – and of course we would like to introduce the new minds that are now teaching and researching at our university. The first is Prof.…

11.03.2022, Re­searched: In the ne­go­ti­ation ring with an AI: The vir­tual ne­go­ti­ation train­ing "Beat the Bot" 

Speech recognition, artificial intelligence and machine learning in a virtual reality environment: This is the innovative mix of the award-winning virtual negotiation training of the InnoSÜD…

08.03.2022, Ways into sci­ence: Frauen.Machen.Wis­senschaft: Strength­en­ing fe­male ca­reers in sci­ence

Leaky pipeline, mental load and care work – even and especially in science, an equal career structure for men and women is still not a matter of course. Frauen.Machen.Wissenschaft wants to change…