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New at HNU: Prof. Dr. Anna Mein­hardt 

02.12.2022, Faces :

By all that is right and fair: With Prof. Dr. Anna Meinhardt, the Faculty of Healthcare Management has gained a new expert for the field of law in healthcare this semester. In an interview, the newly appointed professor reports on why education is so important to her and the exciting interdisciplinary interfaces at which she will be active in teaching and research in the future.

Prof. Dr. Anna Mein­hardt

Prof. Dr. Anna Meinhardt (opens in a new window)
​​​​​​​Professor for the field of health care law


Can you tell us something about your ca­reer so far?

I completed my law studies in Mainz, where I also wrote my doctoral thesis on the subject of "Treatment abortion in appalic patients". In between, I also studied administrative sciences (Magister). In the past, I worked as the managing director of an ambulance service and provided legal advice to various agencies in the health care sector.

What are your teach­ing and re­search in­terests and what are you cur­rently in­ter­ested in in par­tic­u­lar?

My interests are as broad as the subjects I currently teach. If you ask me about focal points, then certainly the interdisciplinary areas such as data protection (linking law to IT), law and ethics (linking law to medicine) and business law (linking law to management).

What can stu­dents learn in your lec­tures?

The practical application of law, in business and everyday life.

Either | Or

Sushi or spaetzle? Sushi.

Camping or hotel? Hotel. 

Book or movie? Book. 

Allgäu Alps or Lake Constance?  Alps. 

Coffee or tea? Tea.

Bicycle or car? Bicycle.

Sofa or armchair? Sofa.

Note-taking or note-taking app? Notebook. 

Walk in the woods or big city trip? Here's the classic legal answer: "it depends." 

Per­sonal de­tails 

My field of expertise in a few words:
... everything that is law. 
The HNU is:
... familiar, with a high quality standard of research and teaching, which takes into account the individual student with his or her topics. 
This is the sentence I like to hear most from my students:
In the lecture "I have also experienced that before, that was ... / how is that in the case that ...?". After the study: "Here we have to pay attention legally, let's look at it again in more detail."
My current reading:
FAZ in the morning (unfortunately, I don't get to read at all at the moment, although I love to do so).
My next project/publication:
There are currently very exciting IT topics in medicine, which I would like to accompany legally.
The first thing I do in the morning at my workplace:
I go to the kitchen, armed with my teacup, with the goal of not only making a delicious cup of tea, but equally wishing a colleague a cheerful "good morning" and having a quick "chat" about current issues.  
What is always on your desk?
Always = computer and teacup. In addition, various things that my children give me, e.g. currently a very beautiful painting by my daughter.


Why did you be­come a pro­fessor?

"What you have in your head, no one can take away from you," my grandmother always said to me. Education has always been very important to me (perhaps because of this). As Managing Director, I had a particular eye on my trainees and also promoted part-time courses of study. I have seen how important training is and how good it is for everyone involved (company and employees) to be able to build on a solid foundation. High-quality, practice-oriented teaching is indispensable for this, and that's what I stand for.

How were your first months at HNU?

Exciting. I first had to get to know the organization of the university and - since I started right at the beginning of the semester - design and conduct the lectures at the same time. I was well received by my colleagues and fortunately had a lot of support, not only from colleagues, but especially from our great secretariat; for this I am very grateful.

What brought you to Neu-Ulm and HNU in par­tic­u­lar? What do you like about the re­gion?

Three aspects led me to HNU: firstly, the university's portfolio in the field of healthcare. Here, we train future managers who think in a solution-oriented manner and act responsibly. In addition, we have very interesting research areas. That is very important to me. Second, the design of the professorship with a very broad legal spectrum, which fits me and my diverse interests exactly. Thirdly, the location in Bavaria, the advantages of an urban economic region with the not too far ways to the mountains, which are my private passion.

What do you like to do most when you are not teach­ing and/or re­search­ing at HNU?

I'm out and about with my kids as often as possible, often in nature and regularly at cultural events (theater, museum, etc.). In winter I ski and snowboard as much as possible, in summer I like to hike. In addition, I am involved in Christian activities and in Zonta, an association of professional women in responsible positions who work to improve the lives of women politically and professionally.