Con­fe­ren­ces & Events

3D-Druck Chal­len­ge

Ul­mer Lo­gis­tik Mee­ting

The U.L.M. (Ulmer Logistik Meeting) (öffnet neues Fenster) is an annual event for regional logistics experts. It is organized by the Universities of applied sciences in Ulm (HSU) and Neu-Ulm (HNU). 

    Chan­cen & Ri­si­ko Werk­statt - Blitz­lich­ter 3D Druck

    The CRW (Chancen & Risiko Werkstatt) is an event for decision makers, who want to create new business by harvesting upcoming opportunities and controlling the associated risks. CRW is a workshop-style event for researchers and decision makers hosted by HNU. 

    Due to Covid influences, this event has been replaced by another online serieevent: Blitzlichter 3D Druck.

      Ul­mer Lo­gis­tik Tag

      The ULT (Ulmer Logistik Tag) is a bi-annual event organized by BVL (Bundesvereinigung Logistik e.V.) and IHK Ulm (Industrie- und Handelskammer Ulm), and it is supported by both HSU and HNU.