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Aktuelle Themen

Please note that all topics are discussion base and may be adjusted

Computer Vision

  • Which role does image resolution play in computer vision? Investigating the influence of image resolution on the performance of a Convolutional Neural Network model.
  • Which role does contrast in images play in computer vision? Investigating the influence of image contrast on the performance of a Convolutional Neural Network model. Background to the topic: The contrast in female faces is higher than in male faces (Russell, 2022).
  • An empirical ML experiment: Can data inconsistencies be combat by merging ML models trained with different data sets of the same domain (here: facial emotion recognition)?
  • Investigating data label bias / errors in (training and/or test sets of) visual datasets.
  • Vision Transformers: What advantages do the have over Convolutional Neural Networks?
  • Development of a person re-identification (reID) system on the edge (NDVIDIA Jetson Nano) / in multicamera environment
  • Hands on: Computer Vision in use of tire retreading. Development (and implementation) of a ML concept for the detection and classification of damage spots on pre-processed scrap tires.

Reinforcement Learning

  • Investigation of the use of Reinforcement Learning in context of explainable AI – Common use cases and potential for improvement.

  • Hands on: Using Reinforcement Learning for training a humanoid robot (NAO).


  • Generative Adversarial Networks: Identifying different architectures, their advantages, disadvantages and differences.
  • Neuro-Symbolic Artificial Intelligence: What is state-of-the art? What are current and future trends?

  • Confident learning: an approach to assess the data label quality.


  • Data Architecture: Comparative Analysis between Data Mesh and Data Warehouse / Data Lake. Systematic Overview of Explainable Artificial Intelligence.

Abgeschlossene Arbeiten 2021

  • "KI kann was! - Eine empirische Studie zur Konzeption eines KI-Canvas zur Evaluierung der Realisierbarkeit von KI in KMU"
  • "Potenzialanalyse und Ableitung von Handlungsempfehlungen zur Belebung der Günzburger Innenstadt"