Study abroad op­tions

What options do I have to spend a certain period of my studies abroad?

  • Semester abroad at a partner university
  • Double Degree at a partner university
  • Semester abroad at a university that is not a partner university (as a so-called "freemover")
  • Participation in an International  Summer School or Winter School
  • Internship abroad
  • additional voluntary internship abroad with the possibility to obtain the certificate "Study with Deepened Practice - Study and Work International"
  • Thesis abroad
  • Participation in an excursion abroad
  • and, last but not least, an internship in another European country after your studies with an Erasmus+ scholarship

Where can I find information?

On the web pages of the International Office under Study Abroad (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)and Internship Abroad (opens in a new window)as well as in the Moodle course "Services IO (opens in a new window)" you will find all important information including field reports, organizational tips, recordings of the information sessions, job advertisements and application links.

For information on the excursions abroad, please contact the professor in charge in the faculties.

Which are partner universities of the HNU?

Here (opens in a new window) you can find a complete overview of our more than 100 partner universities. The HNU offers exchange opportunities with over 80 of these partner universities.

Details about these partner universities can be found in our search platform for exchange opportunities (opens in a new window).  You can filter according to your degree programme and find the partner universities that are suitable for you . The information includes the semester times, the courses (in English) offered for exchange students, the number of free exchange places or information on possible tuition fees, etc.

A total of over 300 tuition free exchange places in over 30 countries worldwide are available to you.

Will my courses from abroad be recognised for my studies at HNU?

Yes.  Most of the courses that you can take at partner universities abroad can be transferred:  either as a major or as a single course or module or as a compulsory or optional subject and in the case of the Double Degree Programmes even as a whole semesters.

For credit transfer please contact the Exams Office. Before you start your semester abroad we recommend to submit a preliminary application for recognition of exams so that you know for sure that credit transfer is possible.

Please find here further information and the link to the list of courses already recognized.

When do I apply for an exchange place at a partner university?

The online application period for the following academic year (winter semester or summer semester) is once a year from 1.12. to 15.1.  When you apply within this period does not affect your chances but it is important to submit a complete application and finish the application process within the deadline.

Example: It is a winter semester (the application phase falls in this period of the year) and you are in the 3rd semester of your studies. You plan to go abroad in your 5th or 6th semester. Then now is the right time for your application!

If you make up your mind after 15.1., it is not too late. Probably some very popular places are already taken, but there are  still many interesting partner universities and attractive places available. The applicant portal will open again during the following summer semester and you can then submit your application. There are different deadlines depending on the partner university.

How do I apply for an exchange place at a partner university?

Please find here the information about the application as well as the link to the applicant portal.

Before you apply it is very important that you inform yourself thoroughly about your preferred university or universities. Especially important are the language of instruction, the course offer and the semester times. Double check particularly in the summer semester. Not all partner universities match our semester times, sometimes the semester abroad begins in January. However, they still can be an option if you do your practical semester in the winter semester before and finish it on time for semester start abroad.

How and when do I apply as a freemover at a university abroad that is not a partner university of HNU?

As a freemover you usually pay tuition fees and/or a placement fee. Therefore it is often possible to get such a paid study place at short notice. Your contact person is usually an intermediary organisation such as Asia Exchange, College Contact, GOstralia! or Ranke-Heinemann. They will also inform you about the deadlines and guide you through the application process.

 Can I get financial support for my stay abroad?

The chances for financial support are good. There are several options:

Scholarships (opens in a new window)

  • A very important option a the Erasmus+ scholarships,  as the chances to get the funding are very good and the funding amount is comparatively high. In almost all cases, you will automatically receive the grant approval as soon as you have received an Erasmus+ exchange place at a partner university in Europe.
  •  With good or very good grades, you also have the chance to receive various performance scholarships such as the scholarship "Hochschule International", HAW.International, etc.
  • The Bavarian university centres award mobility grants for China, Latin America, India, France, the Czech Republic and Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
  • BAföG for studies abroad
  • Study Loans

Please note: Freemovers are not eligible for scholarships awarded by the International Office.

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