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Every student in all degree programmes at the HNU can include a stay abroad in their studies - even at short notice. And even better: it's never too late! Even after you graduate, you still have the opportunity to go abroad with our support.
Get an initial overview right away and come to us with any questions. We'll be happy to help you make the jump to another country!


Stories from our students

15.03.2023, In­tern­ship Abroad: Sab­rina in Aus­tria

Having already spent time studying abroad in Portugal, Sabrina also took up the offer to complete an internship after her studies in an Austrian company. Here she reports on her experience.

01.03.2023, Study Abroad: Jen­nifer in Hawaii

Jennifer spent a semester abroad at our partner university in the island paradise of Hawaii. In her report, she tells us about her experiences.

15.02.2023, Study Abroad: Es­mer­alda in Eng­land

Esmeralda was in England at Leeds Beckett University in the winter semester 2022/23. You can read all about her experience here.

01.02.2023, Study Abroad: Mo­hit in Ar­gen­tina

Mohit came to HNU from India as a full-time international student and completed the 2nd semester of his Master's degree in Business Intelligence and Business Analytics in Argentina. You can read about…

18.01.2023, In­tern­ship Abroad: Emily in Sweden

Emily decided to do an internship abroad in Stockholm and worked there in the marketing department of the printing studio Zisser Textile Design. Here she reports on her experiences.

04.01.2023, Study Abroad: Si­mone and Lisa in Fin­land

Simone and Lisa spent a semester abroad at our partner university in Oulu, Finland. Find out here what impressions the two IMUK students made in the happiest country in the world.

21.12.2022, Study Abroad: Paula in Peru

HNU also cooperates with partner universities in Latin America. Paula took advantage of this offer and spent a semester in Peru.

30.11.2022, Study Abroad: Kylie in Bel­gium

Kylie decided to spend her 6th semester at our partner university in Leuven, a Belgian city located about 20 kilometres east of Brussels. You can read aboout Kylie's impressions here.

28.09.2022, Study Abroad: Claudia in South Korea

Summer and winter schools last only one to three weeks and often take place during the lecture-free period. Claudia took up this offer and visited the Inha University in South Korea in the summer of…

31.08.2022, Study Abroad: Atena in Mad­rid

Atena spent a semester abroad at our partner university Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid. Read here about her experiences.

17.08.2022, In­tern­ship Abroad: Be­dirhan in Tur­key

Bedirhan completed his internship abroad in the marketing and export department of a packaging printing company in Istanbul. Here he reports on his experiences.

18.05.2022, Study Abroad: Paula in Canada

Paula spent 4 months in Canada at Wilfrid Laurier University in Brantford. You can read all about her experience here.

13.04.2022, Study Abroad: Sab­rina in Por­tugal

Sabrina spent her 8th semester at our partner university in Lisbon. In this report she tells us about her experiences.

09.02.2022, Study Abroad: Lea in Por­tugal

Lea studied abroad at one of our two partner universities in Lisbon. Learn more about her stay abroad here.

08.12.2021, Study Abroad: David in Fin­land

David spent 10 months at our partner university in Oulu, Finland. Here you can read all about his experiences.