About the re­gion

The twin-city of Neu-Ulm/Ulm

The cities of Neu-Ulm and Ulm are characterized by a unique combination of tradition and modernity, nature, culture and impressive architecture. People usually perceive the two cities as one city in their everyday life. The Swabian twin-city is neither overwhelmingly big nor too crowded. Everything is close by and will seem familiar to you in no time.
The Danube river divides the two federal states Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria. Enjoy Swabian Kässpätzle for lunch, then cross the Danube and end the day with a cold beer in a typical Bavarian beer garden. The twin-city offers you this opportunity and many more.

Ulm (Baden-Württemberg) is an old city, whereas Neu-Ulm (Bavaria) is relatively young and drawn up as the modern counterweight to Ulm.

In Ulm, you can find the romantic Fishermen’s and Tanners’ Quarter with its old houses, alleyways, air of medieval times and of course the world’s highest church steeple (161.53 m). The history of Ulm is still alive in many festivals and traditions like the fishermen’s competition on the Danube river, the International Danube festival as well as the Schwörwoche (Oath Week), a celebration of one of Europe ́s oldest city constitutions.
Famous people, such as the physicist and Nobel Prize laureate Albert Einstein were born in Ulm.

Neu-Ulm has changed its appearance perceptibly – like hardly any other city in Bavaria. After the American armed forces left, the city has since the mid-1990s successfully converted the former barracks into modern residential complexes, recreational parks and a region of service providers.

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Cent­ral loc­a­tion

  • beautiful location in southern Germany
  • ideal starting point to discover Europe
  • very cheap national and international train and bus connections
  • three airports in the vicinity (Stuttgart, Munich, Memmingen)
  • Travel times by train in hours: Memmingen (1), Stuttgart (1), Munich (1-2), Neuschwanstein (2), Lake Konstanz (1),  Paris (5-6), Milano (5-6), Vienna (5-6), Berlin (6-7), Amsterdam (7-8), Prague (7-8), 

Neu-Ulm is a very peaceful city, perfect to live and to study. The fact that Neu-Ulm and Ulm are small, safe and clean cities and that everything is very close by walking or by bus gives you a really good feeling, makes you confident. Also the organization of the public transport is very good and there are a lot of interesting events.

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Wel­come bro­chure for in­ter­na­tional stu­dents

In our welcome brochure (opens in a new window) for international students you will find various helpful information that help you get started in Germany and in Neu-Ulm/Ulm.