Why the HNU?

You maybe wonder, why should I study at the HNU?  Neu-Ulm is a small and unknown town, isn't it? Where is it located at all? In our gallery we show you 5 good reasons why you should choose the HNU. By the way, this list is based on feedback from former exchange students.

Five reas­ons for an ex­change semester at the HNU

1. Cent­ral loc­a­tion in the south of Ger­many and the heart of Europe

Neu-Ulm is the perfect starting point to explore Europe by train, bus, car or plane. Cities like Munich and Stuttgart are only 1-2 hours away by train, the German Alps with beautiful lakes and castles can be reached in the same time. Neu-Ulm and Ulm combine modernity, tradition, hospitality and typical southern German cuisine. In general, Neu-Ulm is also a very safe city, so you should not have to worry about going home after a long evening with friends.

What ex­change stu­dents say about their time at the HNU

  • "I think Ulm/Neu-Ulm is a great city for students to study. I like autumn leaves in the city, it's really beautiful. I was sailing on the Donau River. I ate a lot of food that my country doesn't have like chocolate, cheese and sausages."
  • "Considering both of them as one city, it's not too big but its also not too small. It has everything you need. Traveling is an important part of an exchange period and Neu-Ulm is known as the perfect starting point to explore Europe."
  • „HNU focuses on practice-oriented teaching. In my opinion, such an educational method certainly enables me to learn a lot.“
  • "I loved the HNU, this university and how people made me feel comfortable and like I was at home. The HNU has very qualified teachers and the International Office is always willing to help. I will return for a master's degree."
  • "The reason why I chose HNU is my admiration for the landscape of the university. The campus is full of trees and fresh air."

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Wel­come bro­chure for in­ter­na­tional stu­dents

In our welcome brochure (opens in a new window) for international students you will find various helpful information that help you get started in Germany and in Neu-Ulm/Ulm.

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