Data Sci­ence and Busi­ness Ana­lyt­ics

Busi­ness In­tel­li­gence, Cus­tomer Ana­lyt­ics and Sup­ply Chain Ana­lyt­ics

The increasing digitalization provides companies with immense amounts of data (Big Data). New technologies in the field of data mining, analytical databases and graphic visualization offer a wide range of innovative possibilities for data analysis, compression and prediction of future company events. Knowledge can be generated from large amounts of data, structured and unstructured, and new insights can be gained.

"Data Science" brings together various disciplines - databases, statistics, machine learning, data mining, mathematics, visualization - with the aim of analyzing data sets and enabling data-supported decision-making in companies.

In addition to descriptive analyses based on historical values, Data Science also performs predictive analyses. To this end, interesting and useful patterns are first discovered in the historical data, which can then be used to predict future values using a model. In addition to customer churn, future needs and risks can be predicted.

The Competence Center conducts teaching, continuing education and applied research in the areas of Business Intelligence & Corporate Performance Management, Customer & Marketing Analytics and Supply Chain Analytics.

The competence center supports companies in the development of concepts and analysis models, implementation of data science strategies for the optimal utilization of the competitive advantages contained in the data, and the qualification of employees.