Fe­male Stu­dents Do Their Thing: Study Ori­ent­a­tion Free of Ste­reo­types

Digitalization is in full swing and it's creating many new job opportunities. At HNU, we want to specifically encourage you as female high-school students to reach for these opportunities. Participate in the digital transformation and help to create a new (professional) world!




Are You Ready to Take a Fun Peek at the World of IT?

If your answer is 'yes', we offer you exciting events such as the HNU Girls' Day or the HNU SummerSchool. Here, you can be creative and program simple apps for smartphones, or steer a robot through an obstacle course with your own programming.

HNU also offers you future-oriented and interdisciplinary study programmes - the job opportunities that the IT world offers are as diversified as digital change itself! Interested? Then have a look at the following page, which offers you a first impression of the IT-centered study programmes at HNU.


Fre­quently Asked Ques­tions

Which events are offered for high-school students?

At the moment, HNU offers a Summer School in August and Girls' Day in spring. The Summer School is a week-long programme in which participants can try out programming and work on their own small projects, for example an app. Girls' Day is an event which offers female high-school students insights into IT courses.


How can I participate in events?

You can find the requirements for participation in the Summer School and the registration form here. You can register directly via this site. For Girls' Day, please register directly via the Girls' Day Radar (www.girls-day.de). Here, you can also find out the age-groups for which our Girls' Day offers are designed. More information about our events is provided on "Events and Dates".


I'm still undecided on whether studying IT is right for me. Where can I get information?

If you are thinking about a specific study programme with IT contents, but are not quite sure about it, feel free to contact our study advisors. Professor Kocian-Dirr and Professor Meyer will gladly advise you on Digital Enterprise Management and Data Science Management. Our Academic Advisor Thomas Bartl is there for general guidance on studying at HNU.


Whom can I contact for more information?

Alina Geßle (opens in a new window)r is the contact person for all questions concerning the content and organisation of student events.  She will also point you to the correct study advisors for your questions about studying IT at HNU.


Im­pres­sions of the 2022 Sum­mer School

Why Study IT at HNU?

Help to shape digitalization via interdisciplinary IT study programmes.

Events & Dates

Girls' Day and SummerSchool, workshops for university students, workshops and coachings for research assistants, informational events...